Lunacy: they were wrong about Michael Jackson

(Paolo Giordano, Italian journalist. Original version, in Italian)

Michael leaving the court after his full acquittal, in 2005.

And right now you can no longer pretend it didn’t happen. Michael Jackson was not a pedophile. Absolutely not. Zero. I’m sorry, but they were wrong. If the indiscretion released by the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services, a government agency that deals with minors and obviously has collaborated with the monstrous investigation on the popstar, will be confirmed — and there is no reason why it shouldn’t be — Michael Jackson was acquitted “of all charges in all investigations”. The facts simply did not exist. It’s not that there wasn’t enough evidence to prove that he abused minors. It’s that those facts just never happened. Ever. And the trial made no sense whatsoever.

What a shame: a man was gratuitously demolished, his reputation was flushed down the loo, for nothing. This, is what is criminal. And of course, if the indiscretion (also attributed to an authoritative government source) were confirmed, everything would be pretty much silenced, just a few lines in the newspapers and on some websites and that’s that.

Come on, one of the most scandalous sexually-motivated trials in recent years, perhaps of all times, the case that was supposed to ascertain the repeated pedophiliac tendencies of one of the most celebrated superstars, was nothing but a joke, a quip, not a big deal. How disgusting, instead!

Basically, the Department that had been investigating Jackson for at least ten years since 1993, allegedly stated that “Michael was fully cooperative in all his contacts with the DCFS. He was interrogated for hours without his lawyers and never hid anything. He could simply not understand why those allegations were leveled against him.”

Get the point?

So late in the game, it’s useless to bring up all the accusations that, in twenty years, not only have been flashed in front of everything that was related to the King of Pop, but also have literally destroyed his existence and probably his career too. It is pointless to recall his complete exoneration in 2005, during the trial based on the non-existent abuse of Gavin Arvizo and all the outlandish claims that have filled the newspapers and the television for years. It’s all useless now. Guess what: in 2006, a man claimed that Michael Jackson had raped him and intoxicated him with drugs and alcohol and then forced him to undergo some plastic surgery. It is, of course, nonsense. Yet everyone believed it, or at the very least offered this man a platform on the media. And everyone was saying: look how repulsive that Jackson is.

This is all that matters.

Beyond the fact that Michael Jackson was extremely vulnerable, that he was surrounded by incompetents that were often scoundrels too, that he could not fail to understand how equivocal some of his innocent behaviors might look, the fact is that he was completely annihilated by one of the most gigantic mud machines ever set up by the judiciary system and the media. Even when he died, just a few minutes later the comments of those who greeted the death of a pedophile started to appear online. And the newspaper articles, even the most cautious ones, always had a “yes, but” between their lines. It was implied, precautionary, as if to avoid the chance that Jackson was, in the end, nothing but a vicious villain.

In reality, as almost all those who knew him explained over and over again, he was essentially a child crystallized inside the body of a superstar. A hopeless case, maybe. But certainly not inhuman, like the treatment that is reserved to him.