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In 2019 and 2020, the Epstein/Maxwell case seemed well on its way to become the most talked-about story on the mainstream media. However, with Epstein dying in jail, Maxwell’s case stalling and not many official documents being released, the audience’s interest in the matter has mainly died off. The fact alone that only very few powerful people allegedly connected to Epstein has been named has been a huge let-down for the public.

Still, the mass media need to profit off the narrative — clicks are money, after all — and they always have an ace up on their sleeve to…

(Paolo Giordano, Italian journalist. Original version, in Italian)

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Michael leaving the court after his full acquittal, in 2005.

And right now you can no longer pretend it didn’t happen. Michael Jackson was not a pedophile. Absolutely not. Zero. I’m sorry, but they were wrong. If the indiscretion released by the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services, a government agency that deals with minors and obviously has collaborated with the monstrous investigation on the popstar, will be confirmed — and there is no reason why it shouldn’t be — Michael Jackson was acquitted “of all charges in all investigations”. The facts simply did not exist. It’s not that there…

MJ haters or straight-out tabloid-dependent folks often cite Maureen Orth’s “10 Undeniable Facts about Michael Jackson”, a trashy, inherently racist article published on Vanity Fair, as “proof” of Jackson’s guilt.

The same Vanity Fair that, in March 2003 published a flattering article dedicated to pedophile Jeffrey Epstein:

Debunking Orth’s article is extremely easy, simply using facts, court files, evidence and basic common sense. Something that the tabloid press rarely relies upon, because the fake narrative of Jackson being a child molester continues to generate revenue despite the man having been heavily investigated by dozens of agencies for over a decade…

Michael Jackson suffered from discoid lupus erythematosus, a chronic autoimmune disease affecting the skin characterized by atrophic and discoid plaques over sun-exposed areas of skin.

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In this picture, vitiligo spots are especially visible on Michael’s wrist and upper chest. Dark makeup is staining his white V-neck shirt.

He also suffered from vitiligo, another autoimmune disease known to be associated with other autoimmune conditions, and considered to be a multifactorial disease originating from genetic susceptibility and environmental factors. More specifically, Jackson suffered from the most severe class of non-segmental vitiligo, “Vitiligo universalis” (universal vitiligo), which causes depigmentation to encompass most of the body.

The presence of both lupus and vitiligo was confirmed through the years by several physicians and clinics who had treated…

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